Where is the oldest pub in the world

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In 2010 a San Ginés chocolate shop was opened in Tokyo, in the famous and busy Shibuya district, adapting its products to the tastes of the empire of the rising sun. The Asian expansion did not stop there, we went out to experience the Chinese market in Shanghai with very different tastes and in 2013 we expanded to Colombia, opening two branches in Bogota. In 2019 we have started our expansion in Mexico.

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What is the oldest restaurant in the world?

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Casa Botín, founded in 1725, is the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records and one of the references of the best traditional cuisine in Madrid.

When was Rinconcillo Sevilla founded?

It is called El Rinconcillo and opened its doors in 1670. El Rinconcillo officially opened its doors in the year 1670, at number 40 of the centrally located Gerona Street, in Seville. It is still there, preserving the essence of the place and much of the original ornamentation.

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The Tavern Keeper is a normal mode NPC who appears passed out in the world only after defeating the Cthulhu Brain / World Eater. Talking to him when he is passed out will make him wake up and move to the first free house.

Guide – Merchant – Dye Merchant – Nurse – Dryad – Painter – Demolisher – Arms Dealer – Peddler – Elder – Party Girl – Mechanic – Bumbling Elf – Witch Doctor – Stylist – Traveling Merchant – Fisherman – Tavern Keeper – Skeletal Merchant – Golfer – Zoologist

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The Szimpla Kert is a popular bar located in the Jewish quarter of Budapest. It is the oldest and most popular of the so-called ruin-bars that have spread throughout the city since the beginning of the 21st century and is a tourist attraction for visitors to the city.[1] It was considered in 2012 as the third best bar in the world by Lonely Planet.[2] The Szimpla Kert is located in a two-storey building that was abandoned and was to be demolished.

The establishment occupies an entire two-story building that was abandoned and was to be demolished in 2004 and presents an aspect of an abandoned building joint with many rooms with underground atmosphere and decoration.[3] In which activities are developed, such as concerts, film screenings and even a flea market.

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This restaurant has three rooms and a cozy terrace. They keep many original elements and tools of the old «forn» that are part of the decoration and furniture. In addition to different restored furniture, sofas, shelves, chairs… different accessories and elements that will make you feel at home. We find old photographs of the old and new tenants, wonderful illustrations and as if that were not enough, a collection of Gipsy skateboards of which Andrea is a partner, which at the same time, is responsible for distributing and selling in different cities around the world, from Belgium, Germany, Italy and now Mallorca.

The menu of suggestions changes every six months and in it we find delicatessens such as carpaccio of zucchini marinated in mustard with carrot vinaigrette, prawn rolls with basil and Teriaki sauce, baked potatoes «Toque de Queda» with paprika sauce de la Vera. In the menu there are different alternatives, from tapas, salads, sandwiches, hot cakes with glass bread and the tables, from which you can choose half or full portions, served with focaccia or brown bread.