Best traditional pubs in london

The best bars in London

Following the legacy of the timeless bars of New York and London, Llorente is the place to welcome the daring, the generous and the revolutionary. Our signature bar is our hallmark; Our cuisine inspired by European sophistication represented in local techniques and ingredients, is the cry that identifies us.

A classic signature cocktail bar with a clandestine feel welcomes you on the second floor. This disruptive speakeasy in Quinta Camacho is the perfect setting for big decisions and mid-tempo conversation.

What is the oldest pub in London?


This pub has the privilege of being considered the oldest pub in London although there is an eternal struggle with the next pub on this list, Ye Olde Mitre, which also claims this title.

What are the bars in London called?

Everyday life in the British capital has a lot to do with pubs, places to meet, eat and have a beer.

What were pubs in England?

The term ‘pub’ is an abbreviation of ‘public house’ and was the public access premises licensed to sell food and drink in 19th century Ireland and Britain.


Since 2017, Barna Brew has been brewing traditional Belgian-style beers with a modern, local and proximity twist. Our Brewpub is known for our fascinating atmosphere, award-winning beers and tasty food. Besides being located in the heart of the Sant Antoni neighborhood in Barcelona.

Our commitment to excellent craft beer and food is uncompromising. We are particularly proud that online and print publications both in Spain and abroad recognise our constant efforts to improve. Have a look at what they say about us, in their own words.

Your verses encourage us to keep improving, growing and striving harder every day so we would love to hear from you. Call us, write us, post us or even better, come to the brewpub for a fresh beer.

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Original Sin is the sister bar of Happiness Forgets and specializes in excellent cocktails with not so well known ingredients. Although their list is very well done, they will go above and beyond if you ask. Personally, I recommend ordering a Mezcal Negroni.nearest station: Stoke Newington

It’s a simple idea, but effective. Bring a bottle of whatever you’re in the mood for (could be whiskey, could be frangelico), pay £25 and for two hours, the bar staff will create cocktails for you with your bottle. Nearest Station: Camden Town, or Leicester Square

Underdog is a cocktail bar underneath the Brewdog pub and their beer cocktails will make many happy. They also do an amazing Corpse Revive, in case you’re not a big beer lover. Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

Yes, it’s a cocktail bar, but it’s *also* a dessert bar. OMG. They serve desserts until midnight, which makes it the perfect place to have a few drinks. Nearest station: Piccadilly Circus

Typical London bar

In the British capital we can find pubs that were still standing before Shakespeare’s time, going through Victorian pubs, or the many pubs frequented by Charles Dickens… who knows, maybe you sit in the same place where Charles Dickens used to sit to write one of his novels?

The reason why Ye Olde Chesire Cheese is still considered the oldest pub is that the flames razed the street level floor and the upper floors, but the underground cellars dating from 1538, in the reign of Henry VIII of the Tudor house, were saved.

To the left of the entrance you will find another room decorated with dark oak, reserved for dining where literary greats such as Charles Dicken’s, Sir Arthur Conan Dole or Samuel Johnson used to enjoy the typical «porkchops».    The stairs leading to the upper floors are usually reserved for private events, but if you are lucky enough to go upstairs you can enjoy the decoration of the floors.